Visit Corrales Park a residential park in Spain:

Seeing the residential park for yourself goes a long way to see if living in real Spain is for you, and there is no better way than strolling around the park soaking up the atmosphere. So for that reason, we have 3 Different ways to visit the mobile home park in Spain three different ways we can help you visit and all three ways are listed below.

However, if you prefer to speak to someone in advance of a possible visit please telephone us any time on 0800 772 3980. We will be pleased to talk through the options open to you.

So, fancy coming to Spain to see the latest residential retirement park for yourself? It is very easy to arrange because we have three different ways we can help you come and visit (details below).


Is to make your own way to the park for the day: We are more than happy to supply full directions from where you are staying on holiday or living in Spain to either park.

This option is ideal if you

A) already live in Spain

B) Planning a holiday on the Costa del Sol that includes you hiring a car.

We supply full easy to follow directions from where you are staying on holiday or living in Spain.

Once on or near the park you will be welcomed by a team member who lives on the park.

Malaga airport is a great place to hire a car from.

Full details are on the Costa Difference one day visit web page


Combined parks 4 day Visit.

Park La Posada offer dedicated “park lifestyle visits” that will be 100% park life in Spain related. These visits are perfect for anyone who wants to experience the way of life and area which we call “real Spain”.

The cost of including a visit to Corrales Park to the Costa Difference 4 day 3 night visit is only £25 which is an additional mileage supplement (covers up to four people).




Freedom Visit:

On the Costa Difference FREEDOM VISIT page you are able to book a visit for as long as you wish and explore the local area. You will be supplied full directions to the park and places of interest in the area. The best town to look for a hotel is Antequera as that allows you to check out the area comfortably and of course there are a great choice of hotels.

With a hire car you will be able to see everything from the local villages to the lakes. You will also be able to see the show homes on the Posada show ground including the Timber Lodge which is allowed on Park Corrales.