Park facilities on Corrales Park

In place already is a small rural tourist hotel with a very Spanish bar and restaurant. When entering it is like going back in time. There is also a horse training school next to the complex and watching the horses being trained in the evening sunshine can be a real pleasure. The whole complex is all about relaxing and of course there is much to do in the area as well.

Within the hotel courtyard there is an outside bar and swimming pool. There is also a BBQ area and often the park will arrange one in the evenings for both locals and residents to enjoy. That is what makes this park different because in no time the residents become locals.

The swimming pool has an outside bar next to it and it is the perfect place to relax during the warm weather. You will get to meet the guests in the hotel as well. and being a rural Spanish hotel the guests are there to explore the nature reserves all around the area. This is what makes the park so special.

Within the park itself you will be among friends and neighbours. In the bar and restaurant you will be among the locals and visitors to the area. A wonderful social life that is far removed from a holiday park.

The homes themselves are connected to all the services including internet. The social life on offer includes all the facilities in the village as well. You will not find an English bar for love nor money and you will never see a sign offering a full English breakfast.

You will however find many tapas bars and typical Spanish restaurants. The official language used between the locals and residents is “Spanglish” and everyone has a lot of fun trying out a few words. The locals with their English and the residents with their Spanish.

Like the idea of learning Spanish? No need to go to school. Just enjoy a drink in the bar. The locals are very friendly and you will be understood in no time. Residents are taken care of by the park but in a way that maintains the Spanish way of life on the park.

Within the park everyone speaks English. Outside the park everyone speaks Spanish. It is that level of authenticity that makes living on Corrales Retirement Park so special.