Los Corrales village in Spain lies between Malaga and Seville which means you have two airports to choose from. You also have two towns to choose from which are less than half an hour away, the town of Campillos and the town of Osuna. The town of Antequera is also not that far away either.

There is only one word to describe the village. Spanish. It is as traditional as they come, yet it has everything you need. The current residents who live on the park love it and will enjoy showing you around. It has many hidden gems. Nestled between two nature reserves is is all about agriculture, and olive trees can be seen for miles around. Inside the village itself you will not find English bars serving all day breakfasts. Instead you will find traditional bars and cafes serving traditional churros and tapas.

For beach lovers this is not the area for you in any way, shape or form as the nearest beach is at Malaga. For country lovers and people who are not looking for tourist bars and restaurants with all the signs in English look no further. There are some great lakes all around and lots of wonderful country walks. You will also be paying normal prices for everything and not tourist prices. It has been described as living in the lake district but warmer and a lot dryer.

The village is just over an hour from either airport and as soon as you start living here you will soon feel like a resident. The locals love their English speaking neighbours and of course the shops, bars and restaurants have learnt how to communicate in Spanglish. For hospitals you have the choice of Osuna or Antequera. You also have the main line train station between Antequera and  Campillos (Santa Ana) for those who like to go to places like Granada or Madrid by train.

Locally you just need a car to be in one of the nature reserves in no time. You have what is known as the Malaga Lake district (The lakes at Guadalhorce) as well as the famous Flamingo lake at the village of Fuente de Piedra.

The lakes at Guadalhorce (as in the photo) also have beaches enabling you to dip your toes (or swim) in the clean crystal clear water. There are also bars and restaurants for you to relax in enjoying the wonderful views. You will be taken to the lakes during your short inspection visit if flight times allow it.

The village itself has everything you could need from banks to supermarkets and over the years more and more people have chosen to live inland rather than on the coast. The locals meeting ex-pats is no longer a novel experience. Why not check out the video showing the village and park as it is now.