Frequently asked questions when it comes to buying a new Park Home on Corrales Retirement Park

Can I come and take a look without any pressure to buy?

It is what we do best. We are here to show you the lifestyle and the local towns and villages. If after visiting you are very interested in living in Spain you are always welcome back on a second or third visit.

What will my Park Home cost exactly? 

The advertised price is the guide price for the home that includes transport and installation. Before you buy you have options to upgrade if you wish to. The final price that we give for the home will be the cost from the factory in the UK to being installed on the park. Gas connection will be the only added expense as we are not allowed by law to do that.

Every homeowner in Spain has to have their own contract with the gas company. It will be between 250 and 450 Euros depending on the number of bottles connected and is paid direct.

What is included in the Park Home price? 

The homes are all fully furnished as in the manufacturers brochure There will be no hidden extras.

Can I see a demo home?

Yes you can. Once we have shown you the park and area we will then arrange for you to see a model in the UK. It can be at one of the shows or at a dealership near you.

What are the Annual Park Fees? 

The Park fees are 300 Euros** a month paid every 6 months. When converted to GBP you will be amazed what you will be getting for your money.