Corrales Park (opened in 2011) is one of the very few residential only mobile home parks in Spain that can offer clients plots for both single unit mobile homes up to 42 x 14 as well as double unit park homes 20 x 40. Set in the heart of the Spanish countryside between Malaga and Seville it is the perfect park for you if you want to live in real Spain.

Costa Difference Partnership are now the dedicated park agents for this 100% residential park and they arrange dedicated park visits. They also offer combined visits with other parks in the area for just £25 in total more (not per person) which means you get to see what life here is really all about and of course what makes this park so different.

A different style of park:

This park is so Spanish and so different from any other mobile home park in Spain. It is all part of a complex owned by the Spanish singer Ana Reverte, and her pride and joy consists of a small rural hotel plus a WOW bar and restaurant. Alongside that there are the stables (her other passion) and the lucky residents can see the horses being trained in the Spanish way.

Sat outside in the evening watching what is going on is both a totally Spanish and relaxing experience at the same time. Residents are immersed in Spanish culture 24/7 and the village of Los Corrales is without doubt the perfect location for a park as different as this is. The residents love the park simply because it is SO Spanish. The park does however provide all the support you need.

Lake district in Spain?

If you are looking for a park that is close to a beach then this is not the park for you. If you are looking for a residential park that is surrounded by views and is close to the lakes then this is most certainly the park for you.

Retiring should be all about having time to enjoy yourselves and for anyone who loves real Spain then Corrales Park is definitely a park worth looking at. It is a million miles away from “lager louts” but moments away from an authentic Spanish village that typifies the inland Mediterranean lifestyle. The village of Los Corrales is not far from the town of Campillos which is the other side of the Malaga lakes.

It goes without saying that you will be shown the lakes on a visit. You will also see the town of Sierra de Yeguas which is also nearby. Beyond that is the famous Flamingo Lake and the village of Fuente de Piedra. When we say you will be visiting real Spain we really do mean it. All around the area are nature reserves and lots of places to enjoy some great walks plus clean fresh water beaches.

Some basic facts:

Here are the basic facts that will help you decide if Corrales Retirement Park is worth a visit. The park allows twin unit park homes which are perfect for the size for the plots available because you can enjoy wall to wall views from every room.

With so few parks in Spain that allow twin unit Park Lodge homes Corrales Retirement Park has a lot going for it. Set in the countryside it is perfect for twin units as it will over the next few years transform into a residential community. At present there are a mix of mobile homes as well as twin unit Park Lodges.

Corrales Park has four plots ready for the all new Valencia Timber Lodge. why not visit the @ll-Timber website and see the quality of the timber lodge range?

Corrales residential park in bloom

Imagine the views you will be able to enjoy sitting in your lounge? With the Valencia timber lodge you will feel like you will be living in the lake district. However, it will be very different to the lake district weather wise. Slightly warmer in the winter of course and a lot hotter in the summer.

In Spring and Autumn you will be enjoying some very sunny mornings and some great evenings to simply sit outside and relax.

Corrales Park is the first park to dedicate plots for the Valencia 11mtr x 6mtr two bedroom timber lodge costing only 27,000€ for a shell home installed.

Interested in seeing what the village and park look like? Check out our video

What to expect:

Park Corrales is unique. There is no other park like it is Spain. The reason for that is simple, location.

Parks near the coast are always campsites as well with tourist camping combined with mobile home use. Parks that are dedicated residential parks have to be by nature more inland.

Parks that are residential only can offer different services. Some offer the complete package with facilities and a community. Facilities will include a community centre with bar and restaurant within the park. Others  are purely residential in style with no community centre, bar or restaurant within the park itself.

Park Corrales however offers the best of both worlds. Within the park itself it is 100% residential and only the residents live there. Right outside the park there is a small rural Spanish run hotel and of course a bar and restaurant. The pool is also in the same complex.

Residents have full access to all the facilities within the complex. That means they enjoy eating and drinking with the locals and visitors to the small hotel, yet have their home on a fully residential only park.

The other thing of course is you can get to choose the type and size of home you wish to own and Costa Difference Partnership will help you with that process after visiting the park.